frequently asked questions


What kind of picture works best?

Try to find a picture that shows your subject's ruggedly handsome/ stunningly beautiful/ overwhelmingly adorable face clearly with good lighting. The quality of your final PDF is dependent upon the resolution of your original image, so make sure to upload the highest resolution image possible to ensure the final product looks crisp and clear. It's also best to use an image that shows your subject looking at and facing the camera, preferably more of a close-up.

What is the minimum resolution?

While we don't require a minimum resolution, the image quality of your finished face depends solely on the quality of the original file you upload. Therefore, we recommend that you start by uploading the largest image you would like to use. Try to choose one where the subject's face is clear, bright, and large (ideally, the subject should be the main focus of the picture, not standing in the background). We've attempted to create some warnings during the process to let you know if the image quality is poor, but if you follow our easy steps, you should have no problems. During the template selection step, we'll show you a preview (with a watermark) of what your final image will look like. The preview will give you a good indication of whether or not you'll be happy with your final file or whether you should try a different image.

Should I use a color or black and white image?

Either works great! Really it comes down to your personal preference and what you want your end face to look like. Each will create a unique and fun look. The image editor will automatically keep the original format of the image you uploaded. So, if you have a full color picture, Places for Faces will keep it that way.


How do I select a face?

Once you've uploaded an image and you're happy with how it looks, use the oval selection tool to crop the face. You can make the oval bigger, smaller, and even change the angle by grabbing the top middle circle and moving it left and right.

What if my subject has long hair?

We are jealous. This may require some trial and error to find the right selection path for the best end result for your dear friend, Rapunzel. In general, the part of the image you want to capture is the subject's face - the clearer, brighter, and bigger, the better. This may mean their hair gets chopped at the chin in the process. But hey, no one wants dead ends on their birthday. If it comes down to it, they'll thank you for the trim.

What if the face I want to upload has glasses?

How nice of you to throw a party for your four-eyed friend! If glasses are his or her trademark and they look like a stranger without them, we can make it work. Unfortunately our selection paths don't account for all the different shaped glasses out there. However, you're in luck if your subject is facing the camera head-on because you can just choose a wider selection path to include the glasses. If your subject is not facing the camera and their glasses get cut off by the selection tool, you can always try using a picture of your friend without spectacles and add a glasses sticker that looks similar to your subject's style.


What in the world is a template?

We use the term "template" to describe the different layout files you can choose to create using your embellished face. There are several template categories to choose from, for example: Dessert Toppers, Favor Tags, Thank You Notes, etc. Within each of those categories, there are a variety of templates or layouts with pre-determined colors and graphics.

Why are there gray "heads" in the templates?

 This is our attempt to show you the general placement of your embellished face within each template. Don't worry, these won't exist in your final file.

Why can't I place multiple faces into one template?

If you're interested in creating multiple faces... you're gonna have to suck it up and buy another sheet. But don't worry, we offer coupons and discounts to our biggest fans! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram to be one of them!


Why should I create an account?

With your Places for Faces account you can save your faces for another visit! You can also opt into hearing the latest news and updates from your new friends here at Places for Faces. And don't worry, we won't sell your information. Scout's honor.

How long do you save my faces?

Create an account with Places for Faces and we will save your faces forever (privately, of course) so you can come back and use them on more templates if you'd like! Click here to view our privacy policy. If you check out as a guest, we will not save your faces for a future visit.


What kind of paper is best?

We recommend printing your final PDF on bright white card stock. This makes the Dessert Toppers sturdy and gives the Thank You Notes more of a real "card" feel. If you don't have card stock, regular white printer paper will do.

What kind of printer do you suggest?

We used a Laserjet printer to print and create all of the examples you see on the website. We recommend any standard Laserjet or Inkjet printer set on "Best" quality when printing at home. If you do not have a printer, you can bring your PDF to a variety of office supply stores where they can print it for you.