Looking for a fun and charming way to personalize your next event? Everyone likes to see their face, especially when it's their big day! Welcome to Places for Faces, the brainchild of designer and illustrator, Vicky Barone. After creating cupcake toppers for her kids' birthday parties, she realized how much fun it was, not only for them, but for the guests as well! She started creating toppers for her friends and relatives of all ages, which was even more fun (and hilarious). Vicky originally created hers from scratch using a suite of graphic design products, but wanted to give anyone the ability to add fun and personality to their next event. That's when Places for Faces was born.

Now anyone can crop a face from a picture, add stickers to embellish it for the given event, and then create anything from dessert toppers to custom thank you notes. Once you create a face, you can use it on as many templates as you want! And once you purchase a template, you can download it, and print it as many times as you need!

We hope you enjoy using our new tool, Places for Faces!